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Unlocking is a legitimate & totally legal process that allows a phone to take different network SIM’s if it was previously locked to a specific network.  We can unlock most phones.


Unblocking is a completely different matter.  If a phone is blocked it is usually due to unpaid bills, lost/stolen reports, insurance claimed, etc.  We will not get involved in unblocking phones, but we can help to provide proof it is blocked if you have bought a blocked phone.


Locked phones - sometimes a phone may be password or pattern locked due to users forgetting their password.  We can assist in most cases by doing a master reset / format to make it usable again, but all data such as contacts, messages, photos stored in the phone memory will be lost.  (contents of SIM and memory card will be safe).


SIM PUK’d - if you get your SIM PIN wrong 3 times in a row, your SIM will become temporally blocked and will need a PIN Unblocking Key (PUK) to reset/disable the PIN.  Generally you should contact your SIM/network operator to obtain the PUK if it isn’t shown on your original SIM holder/paperwork.