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Like almost all businesses, we have some basic terms and conditions which apply to the work we do for our customers - sets out what is to be expected so we understand each other.


Most customers who bring a phone to us for repair get a copy of the booking form with our terms and conditions on it.  The same terms apply for people who post phones to us, but no booking form is completed.




Generally we don’t take deposits for repairs as long at the faulty/broken device is left with us.

If customers wish to keep their device while we order specific parts that are not normal stock items, we ask that a 50% deposit is paid before we order the part/s.   We have ordered special parts before, only for people not to return for the repair so that isn’t something we can afford to do any more.  Unless agreed beforehand, full payment is due when repaired items are collected.


Payments methods we accept are cash, debit cards, most credit cards, BACS & PayPal.  Ask for details if you require info on BACS & PayPal payment methods.

Click here for details of our booking form