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If your phone isn’t working properly, like not switching on, running slow, blank display, touch screen not working, poor battery life, poor audio quality, not charging, or for many other reasons then we can usually get it sorted, subject to availability of required spare parts.


It is worth bearing in mind that your phone may still have warranty cover as many brands have a 2-year warranty, while some others have just a 1-year warranty.  Your phone would need sending/taking to an authorised warranty repairer for a free repair; you may need to show the original receipt/contract; you may be without it for a while.


We can repair many faults within a few hours, or longer if we have to order specific parts, but usually it’s still quicker than warranty repair route.  We don’t reset your device unless we really have to as part of the repair and will always try and do a back-up / restore to prevent loss of your data.  Warranty repairers don’t usually show the same regard for your data, so your phone will probably be reset as part of the process.


We will be pleased to give you a quote for any repair, you only pay if it is repaired; if things change during the repair process we will re-quote before continuing and we will lend you a phone if you can.

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