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At Julecom we have over 25 years experience in the mobile phone industry, covering aspects such as Product Design, Trials & Evaluation, Manufacturing, Consumer & Trade Returns, Repairs, Refurbishment, Installation of hands-free car kits, Project Management, Technology Development and Customer Service.


What this means for our customers is that we have a tremendous resource to call upon, not just from our own knowledge and experience, but also from a whole range of contacts amongst the length & breadth of the industry.  In short, if we don't have a solution to a  problem, we probably know someone who does.


With many years as an official warranty repairer for Nokia & Samsung mobiles, we have a great deal of experience and direct training from those leading brands. During early 2016 both of these manufacturers changed the way warranty repairs could be processed, in favour of large centralised repair factories in the case of Nokia and own branded city centre locations in the case of Samsung.

This means that customers now have to send their phones away or take them much further to obtain warranty repairs.  It’s called progress; although not all progress seems positive at times.

Nokia 2016 warranty process changes

Samsung 2016 warranty process changes